Eagle Shoot


I was born in Moscow to a cinematographic family. My grandfather, Alexander Ivanov, was one of the founders of Russian animation at the turn of the century and my father, Stepan Andranikian, was a well-respected production designer and a filmmaker, so I guess my path was set from the beginning. In 1984 I graduated from the elite School of Film Directors and Script Writers in Moscow (VKSR).
I had begun my career by directing animated films and a few of them had even received major awards. However, it would be my first music video, Flowers; a combination of animation and live action that changed my life and the medium I worked with after it received a nationwide acclaim.
In 1992 I made my transition to the U.S. and continued working in live action as well as animation, directing commercials and music videos for various markets.
I have received acknowledgments within the Advertising industry for directing influential commercials for clients the likes of AT&T True Voices, EMI Records, Chase Visa, HBO, Macy’s, LG, Samsung, Parliament Vodka, American Bank, Rubicon Casino, to name but a few.
Besides my work in commercials, I also write screenplays, direct and produce short and feature length films. My short film “October Haze” was presented at the Cannes Short Film Corner in 2009 and I have recently completed a feature film “All That Jam” starring Martin Dingle Wall, Svetlana Khodchenkova, and Chris Owen.

    Some badges I’m proud of